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French Montana Speaks On New Album, Starting Verzuz & Upcoming Documentary

French Montana hasn't paid a visit to The Breakfast Club in at least five years. Now that he just dropped his new album and has a documentary on the way, the Bronx rapper had to stop by and talk about it all.

On Friday, June 24, French sat down with DJ Envy and Angela Yee to have a thorough discussion about everything that's going on in his life. The crew kicked things off by discussing the rapper's recent listening session for his new album Montega. French opened up about why he invited New York City Mayor Eric Adams to the event and how he got Harry Fraud to produce the entire project.

"I think I'm the first one in New York to ever have the Mayor come to the album listening party," French declared. "He's a cool dude man. He's trying to make a difference."

"I feel like me and Harry Fraud, we never gave it a full push as far as my music," French explained later on. "We always just did a one-off like the 'Shot Caller,' 'I'm A Coke Boy' and all this but we never did a full project. So I just wanted to get back full circle to the essence of Hip-Hop and just like 'Yeah you know what? This is what I want to make. I want to make a full rap album... I came in with Harry Fraud and this is our project together that's fully produced by Harry Fraud."

The conversation continues after Angela Yee brought up his new album's intro "Blue Chills," which she said seems "therapeutic" for him. In the song, French raps about helping Diddy and Drake resolve their past issues. The former Bad Boy rapper explained how they squashed their beef at a birthday party that Iggy Azalea threw for him back in 2016. Neither Diddy nor Drake knew that either of them would be at the party so French encouraged them to dead their issues, and they did.

French Montana also discusses his thoughts on surviving the "Kardashian Curse," how he feels about Drake and Beyoncé's new House-inspired music, and reflects on healing from the loss of Chinx and Max B's incarceration. Midway through their conversation, French also recalled how he and Tory Lanez formed the idea for Verzuz.

"We were the first ones that started Verzuz.. and I told Swizz that. Swizz owe me a check," French explained. "I swear, I hit him and told him 'Yo you gotta get me a check' and he did. He sent it to my lawyer. He sent me paperwork. The first time it was beat-battling. I called Swizz and Timbaland up and I'm like 'Yo I need you to judge this joint. Me and Tory lanez..' because he had the Quarantine radio and I was like 'Instead of me going on Quarantine Radio and doing that, let's just do a Verzuz...' so we did it. Then I had Timbaland and Swizz Beatz on the thing and everybody was judging. After that, they took it and took it to the next level."

French also talks about upcoming documentary, which details how he came from Africa to New York as well as the beginning of his music career. Watch the entire conversation up top.

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