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Travis Scott Discusses 'Astroworld' Tragedy With Charlamagne Tha God

"Travis Scott how you feeling brother?"

“Uh, you know…emotional roller coaster… It gets so hard, I always feel so connected to my fans. My fans and their families went through something. It hurts my fans, it hurts their parents, it hurts the community, it hurts the city. A lot of grieving, still trying to wrap my head around it, I really just wanna be there and wish (you) can just hold everyone, heal them, have conversations… it really hurts.”

Travis has spoken out for the first time about the tragic and deadly incident that occurred at his notorious “Astroworld” festival in Houston on November 5th. In the intimate and melancholic one on one conversation with Charlamagne Tha God, a usually seen as rambunctious performer Travis Scott is seen here timid, at a loss for words, and clearly emotionally shattered.

Since the tragedy, Travis has been wrapped up in a slew of lawsuits from the families of the concert goers lost at the festival and Travis has been doing all he can to make things better for the families and his community.

Being the first time Travis speaks publicly about the incident he sends a message to the families mourning and watching “I’m always here, I’m in this with you guys and I love you.. and I understand you all are grieving.. This isn’t a right now thing this is a forever thing… the people that listen to my music or come to my shows are family and that’s why it’s really hard on me”

He later begins to unfold the depth of the tragedy and how it impacts their families taking teary sounding breath saying “They lost their loved ones, I just always wanna be there for them, I’m gonna fix this problem and make sure this doesn’t happen in the future and be the number one voice for this.. we gotta figure it out”

Charlamagne asks Travis if he feels personally attacked and targeted for the incident to which he explains “I mean yeah sometimes, but when you put on festivals and are in the pubic eye it comes with responsibility, but all I care about is stepping in and stepping up for the safety of concert goes and live public spaces period”

Towards the end of the conversation Charlamagne asks “if the families are never able to forgive you, can you forgive yourself?” And following a brief pause Travis explains “it’s tough, my intentions weren’t to hurt or harm their families, I wanted them to have a good experience, when my fans came to see me its a connection.”

The interview displays Travis as taking complete responsibility over the mishap and miscommunication of himself, his team, venue security, and all that went wrong. One thing that can’t be questioned is Travis’ newly fueled passion to spark change in public safety, a similar passion you see that he puts in his art.

You can catch the full conversation between Travis Scott and Charlamagne Tha God on Charlamagne above..

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