'Bad Girls Club' Returns in May 2021 - with Girls from Several Seasons

Back in my hayday (ratchet days) I watched Bad Girls club religiously. I'm talking maybe 2011-2012 ish? The season 5 Miami with Morgan, Brandi and Lea was my introductory season.

But since, I've always tuned in for future seasons - to see what drama would unfold, but I think like every other now woman, there gets to be a point where you have to self reflect about what the hell you're watching on TV. Around the season with the sisters is probably when I checked out completely.

Funny, because Angela Babicz from that season became a friend of mine, via an ex - but ANYWAYS, I definitely did kind of keep track of the Zeus 'Bad B*tch Reunion' drama including the twins and Tanisha, etc.

That hasn't stopped some new girls from joining the cast, for Baddies ATL coming to Zeus network in May 2021. Piecing together girls from multiple seasons in a house in Atlanta, and seeing what drama they come up with.

There are a few former cast mates that actually have music careers now, like Winter or Tabitha (aka Dreamdoll) from the influencers season.

Since we're here, if we're talking about best seasons - for me, it has to be a mix from the first Miami season, Mexico and maybe Vegas with the Victor Twins and of course one of my favorite all time cast mates, Camila.

Also, honorable mention - Atlanta with Rocky.