McD Merch! Will You Buy a $5 McDonalds Chicken Sandwich Hoodie?

McDONALD's experimented with Travis Scott and J. Balvin for fan based merch and meals, now they are rolling out their own - starting with $5 chicken sandwich hoodies.

McDonald's is throwing their hat in the ring for "best chicken sandwich," after contenders like Popeye's, Wendy's and KFC have all made a bid in the race, formulating their own.

The American fast food chain caused commotion bringing back a favorite, Orange Hi-C Lavaburst starting 2/15 to certain stores, you can check at which is closest to you.

The chain is following suit by selling merch, such as a musical artist would, after their peers, Chipotle and KFC have done recently, with KFC selling a chicken scented wood fire-log and more.

Their new chicken sandwiches went on sale Wednesday of this week, (2/17), these swag boxes launch today, (Thursday 2/18). Will you be copping one and putting up on StockX or no?