Dave East Says Rappers Need to Stop Trying to Play Ball "Yall Aint P"

"Ya'll not Master P," easily what Dave East retorted with when I asked if he is trying out for the NBA and how he feels about other rappers trying to become ball players. Or vice versa, in the case of Dame Lillard. But that's all spoken from a former college scholarship recipient for his hoop skills, which quickly got shattered after he was arrested for selling drugs. Karma 3 is the rapper's latest release. East has been loudly outspoken about making music for those from the same situations as he is, not being so worried about the radio single, but more connecting with those in the penitentiaries and/or have had hard upbringings similar to his.

DAVE EAST and I are NO strangers, I've been an early supporter of his, since I first stumbled upon a freestyle he did on 'Sway in the Morning.' If you've been around since his mixtape days, you know what to expect from Dave and his lyricism when it comes to the Karma series. Though my favorite tapes of his are 'Kairi Chanel' and "karma 2,' the Karma series seems to be a favorite of fans, which would explain why he chose to expand.

Dave and I have seen each other multiple times within the past few years, but he's always one I'll give a listen. You can check out some of our other run-ins and convos below.

Upon first listen of Karma 3, some notable tracks are 'So Confusing,' which hit on the extreme loss he's experienced of close friends including his friends; Mugga, Nipsey Hussle and now Shooter who just recently passed due to COVID-19.

Here's some of the fan reactions after the first week since the release of Karma 3: