Nardo Wick Breaks Silence After Young Fan Was Attacked By His Crew

Nardo Wick

Photo: Getty Images

Nardo Wick is making it known that he is furious about the horrible attack on a young fan who tried to get a photo with him.

On Tuesday night, November 28, the Florida native took to his social media accounts to issue an official statement about the incident. He made it clear that he doesn't condone any of the events that transpired outside of Club Skye in Tampa and emphasized that he immediately got in contact with the victim's family. He doubled down on his stance about the situation in videos he posted to his Instagram Story.

"I don't condone that situation that happened," Wick said in the video. "I don't stand for that situation that happened. I was fully unaware that situation was about to take place, feel me? As soon as it happened, I started to deescalate the situation and after the situation I got in contact with his mama. I sent them my number. I called and asked how he's doing. I told her I'd do anything to make it up to him as a fan."

It all started when the 20-year-old victim George Obregon, Jr. attempted to approach Wick for a photo while the "Who Want Smoke" rapper was leaving the venue after a show in Ybor City. Obregon didn't even make eye contact with the artist before someone in his crew sucker punched the fan hard enough to hit the concrete wall. Moments after the assault, another man from his crew threw more punches until Obregon fell to the floor.

Wick could be seen pulling the second man off of Obregon in an effort to calm things down. Obregon was taken to a nearby hospital wher he was treated for a serious concussion and bleeding in the brain. He's reportedly in serious but stable condition.

His mother, Michelle Obregon, took to social media to address the issue. She also got in touch with Wick's mother, who's also his manager, and kept her updated on his condition. His mom and George's friend Connor who was with George also spoke with TMZ about the situation. See their conversation below.

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