NYC Pastor Who Was Racially Profiled Is Continued To Be Denied Justice

Back in 2007, NYC pastor Indalecio Del Valle was racially profiled and ripped out of his vehicle by NYPD officers while driving in the Bronx. The officers who were responding to a city-wide dispatch about a fleeing felon were only told that he was a “Hispanic male driving a white SUV”. After hearing this, the officers stopped the first Hispanic male they could find which, sadly, was Del Valle. Due to the brutality of the police, Del Valle was treated at a local hospital for bruising (face, back, and neck), contusions, and loose teeth. He also suffered a traumatic brain injury due to the officers, which cost him 8 years of treatment. 13 years later, after a lawsuit was filed against the city, De Valle was forced to go through several depositions and various motions before the city offered to settle the case.

After declining a $150,000 settlement offer from the city, Del Valle declined a second, lower offer of $50,000. After hours of debate over two days, the verdict was rendered that he receive $9,000,000. While things seemed on the up for Del Valle, the city motioned the court to stay the verdict so they could appeal it and not give the pastor the money he was owed. While the court continued to request the city make an offer to finally settle the case, they still have to deliver and continue to drag this whole ordeal out.

Due to the lack of accountability from the city and their protection of these NYPD officers who beat this man into a lifetime of disabilities, the decision is expected to go on for another three years.

The good people over at the law offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff will continue to fight for the rights of those who have been victims of horrible crimes such as this one.