Teen Mom's Cory Wharton Addresses GF Taylor Being Fired by MTV, Special Cut

It's been one eventful week over at MTV. Viewers noticed that Tuesday, the Cory and Taylor baby special that was self shot and was supposed to air, did not. As my mentions were in shambles, asking for answers of what happened - because Cory and I just did an interview last week promoting the show.

Twitter was full of theories, but an MTV Teen Mom OG Twitter account confirmed that it was due to past racist tweets sent out by Cory's now girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge.

He took to Instagram last night to say this:

After this, MTV still wasn't done when an insensitive tweet by a current cast member on The Challenge; Dee Nguyen was sent out regarding her support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

This is a start in the right direction for MTV. But it does not erase some of their "slow-to-action" memorable issues in the past. Such as when Camila used a racial slur against Leroy in the Challenge House around two years ago.

As well as the first time Taylor's tweets surfaced after the episode of 'Ex On the Beach' aired when she spit on Cory's ex, Alicia. (this is the only version that was on YouTube, with subtitles - but you get the point).

We hope that MTV will hold up this standard from here on out, and not just because of the current climate.

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