A World Record? DJ MR ROGERS DJ's for 12 Hours Straight on Instagram Live

The past three days, my brother, our night guy, DJ Mr Rogers has been DJing on Instagram Live with some appearances in the chat from Paul Wall, James Harden, Trae tha Truth and many more during his sessions.

But last night, Tuesday March 24th - apparently he felt it in his spirit to keep it going. I woke up this morning to a text saying "Rogers still DJ'ing?" I checked in, and he surely was!

We're not sure if a record exists on Instagram Live for longest DJ set, but 12 hours -- I feel like, might be it. Somewhat close to what D-Nice did last weekend with the #CoronaParty. Let's see how long he goes!

Maybe you're new here - if you're not familiar with Rogers and his artistry and love for music, get a little taste with his Rhythm Roulette episode with Mass Appeal below.

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