Saweetie Teams Up With Jhene Aiko On 'Back To The Streets'

Saweetie and Jhené Aiko have teamed up to bring us all an anthem celebrating independence with their new collab "Back To The Streets."

In "Back To The Streets," Saweetie sings in the chorus, "Pull up in my hood best dressed/ Next thing, upgrade, who's next?," adding later on, "I gave the boy a round spin him back to the streets/ Like la-da-dee-da-dee-da/ Yeah, I spin him back to the streets."

In a statement, Saweetie explained of the song, "I'm just so tired of the sad breakup songs. I wanted something fun – something the girls (and the boys) can party to and celebrate their independence. You know? Cuz sometimes getting back to the streets ain’t all the bad and if you dealing with an F boy or dealing with somebody who wasting your time you gotta send them back to the streets too! So you know what? Level up and celebrate your independence and keep getting to the bag, boo."

Saweetie has been working on her debut album, Pretty B*tich Music, and if its anything like her previous bops, the project is sure to be amazing — the artist has already scored hits with songs like "Tap In," "My Type" and more.

In an interview with Paper Magazine, Saweetie explained that she had used her time while in quarantine to work on her new album. She explained of the project:

"I wish this was the project that introduced me as an artist into the game. When you get to listen to Pretty B*tch Music, you will realize why. People don't understand that I rap great over other people's beats with no chords, no bridge, no hooks, because I love to just write straight bars. I wasn't used to writing in song format — like, song format was foreign to my brain. Now that I finally got the gist of it, I can portray what I was giving in my car raps split into songs. So I am very excited about that."