Peter Thomas with The Breakfast Club

Real Housewives Of Atlanta's own Peter Thomas stopped by to clear up what went down with Matt Jordan and other RHOA drama including:

- Sets up the scene of fighting Matt Jordan at the radio station

- Having a box cutter, his move to put Matt Jordan in a headlock

- Still having the stamina to fight a man bigger and younger

- Last time he had a physical altercation

- Thoughts on the radio station, setting them both up there

- Pressing charges

- Still not speaking with him

- Why he walked off set at the RHOA reunion

Getting his own show

- Not allowing arguments on new show to protect the brand of the sports bar

- Drama with Phaedra Parks, why she's messy

- Thoughts on Porsha Williams

- Coming back for another season on Housewives

Check out the full chat below: