**WARNING: Explicit language**

Plies has a strong message for McDonalds. Yesterday (April 18), an employee at the fast food chain purposely delayed Facebook killer Steve Stephens' order of fries so police could catch him, during their pursuit. 

Stephens was on the run after killing 74-year-old Robert Godwin on Facebook Live on Sunday (April 16). The elderly man was walking home from an Easter meal with his children. So, when this brave McDonalds employee recognized him, as he was ordering his nuggets and fries, she held up his order.

Plies, like the rest of us, now thinks that this girl needs a raise. “This muthaf**kin’ message here for McDonald’s. I just seen on CNN one of your employees thought they identified the goddamn shooter or the dude on Facebook and they held the muthaf**kin’ french fries and they ran back there and called the police and that’s how they muthaf**kin’ caught him,” the rapper said in an IG video.

He continued: “McDonald’s, give that muthaf**kin’ girl a raise. I ain’t talking about no muthaf**kin’ 25 cent raise. I ain’t talking about the little bulls**t ass employee of the muthaf**kin month picture inside your muthaf**kin’ restaurant. Give her a real muthaf**kin’ raise.”

Listen to Plies' words above.

Photo: Getty Images