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Meek Mill has to brush up on his manners.  According to the "Philadelphia Daily News," a Philadelphia judge has ordered the rapper to attend etiquette classes due to his actions both inside and outside the courtroom.  The rapper must complete the classes by August 4th. 

During a probation hearing last week, Common Pleas Judge Genece Brinkley told Meek's attorney Gary Silver that the rapper "has a lot of issues."  Among the problems Judge Brinkley has with the rapper's demeanor is the way he speaks in court as well as some posts on social media that caused loyal fans to post threats against the judge. 

Assistant District Attorney Noel DeSantis says Meek has to watch what he writes on social media because it can "affect his freedom."  Meek Mill has also allegedly failed to notify his probation officer about some of his out of town travels.  Meek Mill's next court appearance has been scheduled for September 6th.  

Meek Mill has been on probation since 2009 after serving six months in jail for dealing drugs and gun possession.  

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