A local T-shirt company has begun a campaign in support of the "Slap Ya Mama" food products company, which has been banned by the NFL from airing its red zone virtual signage ads during Saints' preseason telecasts on Cox Sports Television.

Lauren LeBlanc, owner of "Fleurty Girl", told WRNO's Gerry V Thursday they agreed, at the request of "Slap Ya Mama", to make T-shirts for people who want to show their support for the company.

"You know how they say to 'Black Out the Dome', I said let's "Slap Out the Dome" and get everybody or as many people as we can in "Slap Ya Mama" logoed T-shirts. So we made them super affordable, super cheap so we can sell them to as many people as we can," LeBlanc said.

LeBlanc says the demand for the shirts has been huge.

"We sold 475 of them. I've got 25 left! So I'm pretty sure they'll all be snatched up rather quickly today," LeBlanc said.