Louisiana Congressman and Republican Whip Steve Scalise is predicting a close, head-to-head race between Republican Bill Cassidy and Democrat Mary Landrieu for the U.S. Senate.

Scalise told 99.5 WRNO's Denny Schaffer Wednesday the race will probably be decided in a December runoff and the outcome could determine which party ends up in control of the Senate.

"This is a serious race that ultimately I think is one of those top 5 races in the whole country that could determine the direction of the United States Senate," Scalise said.

Scalise says the Senate, under the leadership of Democrat Harry Reid, is dysfunctional and needs to come under Republican control in order for things to get done.

"We passed over 300 bills out of the House to address getting the economy back on track, balancing our budget, facing serious issues, not one of those bills has moved through the Senate," Scalise said.