The 43-year-old suspect in a murder last Sunday in Metairie, recently crossed the border illegally in south Texas. 

The victim, his 24-year-old ex-girlfriend, also crossed the border illegally.

The Associated Press reports that both Pedro Monterroso-Navas of Guatemala and Heidi Monroy made their crossings with children.

Monterroso-Navas crossed with two children on June 26 and the three were released after being told to report back to U.S. immigration authorities once they were settled in the U.S.  The AP reports that Monterroso-Navas was freed after it was determined he had no criminal history of gang affilliation.

Monroy, who was found bludgeoned to death in the bathtub of her apartment in Metairie on Sunday, illegally crossed the border with her three children in May.

Monroy, who was from Honduras, also was released and directed to report back to immigration officials.

Monterroso-Navas was arrested in Katy, Texas early Monday and is being held in the Harris County jail.