Seventeen state lawmakers are heading to court to try to stop Louisiana's use of the Common Core education standards in public schools.

Rep. Brett Geymann, a Republican who opposes the standards, said the lawsuit was filed Monday. He says the state education board didn't follow Louisiana's administrative procedures law for rolling out new standards in classrooms.

The legal challenge is part of a continuing struggle over Common Core, which has become controversial since the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education adopted the standards in 2010.

State Rep. John Schroder of Covington, one of the 17 lawmakers suing, told WRNO's Denny Schaffer, the battle over Common Core is really about government control.

"Common Core does not give control to the locals. It's coming down from government. I want less government, I think the majority of people want less government," Schroder said.

Gov. Bobby Jindal, a one-time Common Core supporter, now opposes the standards as a federal intrusion into local education. But he and other Common Core critics have been unable to persuade BESE to change course. Lawmakers also upheld use of the standards.

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