The open drainage canal along Veterans Blvd. just east of Causeway Blvd. is slated for a transformation.

Six illuminated fountains will be installed in the canal as part of a $250,000 landscaping project managed by the Jefferson Parish Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber President Todd Murphy tells 99.5 WRNO a Chamber board member came up with the idea to install fountains and landscaping in an effort to improve the appearance of that area. He says the project will serve two purposes:

"One, of course, is beautification, and the other might just help us with some business relocation or expansion," Murphy said.

Murphy says the project is funded in part by parish funds and in part by private donations. Annual costs to operate and maintain the fountains and maintain the landscaping are estimated at $60,000, to be picked up by taxpayers.

"That figure is comparable to what it's costing to maintain other projects, other median areas that have been renovated and upgraded with nice landscaping and artwork and the like," Murphy said.

Work on the project is expected to begin later this month and take about 60 days to complete.